First Post in A While

During midterms, it was very difficult to post everything that had been going on because group meetings usually went until an excess of midnight each night and things just kept piling up. However, my ICM midterm, PComp midterm, and presentation for Red’s class were all successes. Here’s a short recap of each.

For ICM, Nathan Roth, Jonathan Nachum, and I designed a program that beat a heart onscreen when a physical model of a heart was squeezed. We found the heart  at the Halloween shop on Broadway, cut it open, cleaned it out, and rigged a force sensor inside. We ran the necessary wires out from the inside of the heart to an arduino that ran an animation with sound of a beating heart. Its hands on nature was cool, and it was well received. 

PComp’s midterm built off of the creepy concept for ICM, and we decided to put it in the Halloween show. Nathan, Jonathan, and I teamed up once more to create a skeleton named Malone. Malone spits out silly string when stressed ( a la a potentiometer), and lights up his eyes (LEDs) and ominous chest hair (Fiber Optics) when the heart force sensor is pressed. He is about as tall as a small warrior of doom, and is twice as imposing as a stock market crash. 

Lucky me, I had my presentation for Red’s class during midterms. My group was rather large, but we came together and created a sensational set of group activities geared towards creating a new language using symbols. We discussed the nature of language, symbology, and nonverbal communication. Students were divided into groups that corresponded to a spirit animal of our choosing. 

Overall, I would say that midterms were a success, and that I look forward to using this time to prep for finals projects. Some photos of my midterms processes and stresses are below.

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