Cosmic Lotus Blossoms


Cosmic Lotus

Cosmic Lotus

Once again, I have been lax with the blogging, and I apologize. Since the last time I posted, I made a short movie with Emeri, Mike, and Mustafa from Comm lab about a man mailing himself, and I have started work on my finals for ICM and PComp. Luckily, those projects are one in the same. 

My first major homework assignment I’m posting now is of an animation in After Effects that I spent Thanksgiving weekend making. I had never used the program prior to this assignment, but it is now one of my favorites. I will have to get a copy of CS4 for myself, because this was a lot of fun to use in conjunction with Photoshop, as well as Final Cut Pro. 

I was deeply upset over the attacks in Mumbai this weekend, and I thought a lot about the random nature of things and how bleak they may look at times. Then I thought about how things can’t be bad forever, and that events are cyclical in nature. I was inspired by this train of thought, and decided to create an animation that brings to life the wonder of the cosmos, and its fleeting nature. It depicts a cosmic life cycle of our planet through various symbols. The musical piece is an excerpt from another favorite of mine from Nobuo Uematsu, called Aeris’ Theme. 


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