My iMac is in the Hospital

I'm glad it crapped out JUST before the original warranty did

I'm glad it crapped out JUST before the original warranty did

Sooooo yeah. My iMac basically had a speaker blow out on me while rocking out earlier this week. Luckily, I had all of FIFTEEN DAYS LEFT of its original warranty, and so I schlepped it to the Mac store on Prince Street. No, I was not the one that did the actual lifting of it. Have you SEEN my arms lately?

Anyways, I got to the genius bar and checked in. The nice guy that helped me explained he had to HEAR the problem. Naturally, the speaker was acting normally in front of him and made me look silly. A “genius” behind the bar said I was crazy. I told them it sounded bad with piano music and made a weird vibrating noise, and that the right speaker cut out from time to time now. The mean “genius” rolled his eyes at me and tried to read me my rights. He accused me of maybe playing, “too much rap music.” I picked my jaw up from the floor and grinned like a Cheshire Cat.

I then popped up my handy Chroma Key program from ICM and played on its keyboard. They were stunned because it showed I was right. I then told the nice genius that I wanted another 2 years of Apple Care so he got all excited, and the other mean “genius” went back to his hole.

Now I must wait for my baby to get out of the Mac Hospital for 7-10 days. Boooooo.

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