Why Pay for Entertainment?

This week, my friends Chris and Lucian came to visit from New Orleans, and neither one of them had ever been to Central Park before. Naturally, I showed them around. Don’t be fooled by the shining sun, it was cold as hell out there!

At any rate, we wandered from Columbus Circle up to the center of the park and had a great time watching people just be people. There were plenty of weirdos, cute people, and performers, and combinations of the above. Some were so entertaining that it came to me that in a city like this you don’t need TV for entertainment.

The juggling boy was adorable, but I wondered where his parents were and who was taking care of him. He was a juggling beast, but I worried about him. The first dance troupe we saw consisted of a man imitating Michael Jackson, some middle aged men, and some teens and small children. They were pretty good, but I quickly got tired of Mary J. Blige playing on repeat. Thats just fine, OK.

After the dance mania faded, we wandered some more and came upon a crowd forming on a plaza in the middle of the park at the base of a big staircase. There were three guys that were about to start a show, all dressed like fitness trainers. They all had cool stage names like Sugar Ray, Meek Da Freak, and Skillz. Their show was great to watch because they kept us all laughing constantly. Their acrobatics were pretty amazing, and they cracked jokes at themselves, and just about any group of people you can think of, so it was as much fun to listen to them as it was to watch. Their final act was a feat performed by Skillz, where he flipped over a row of people and landed safely. It was awesome! He made backflips look so ridiculously easy, and they all were great performers.

The other random people I saw out there had something about them that needed to be photographed. The woman in the shades instinctively posed every time I pointed my camera at her. I wanted to get her info to send her the pics, but I didn’t. The man with the long locks read alone, and had a cool vibe to him. The man that looked like Edward from Twilight strode through the park looking immaculate like a real vampire. The rest spoke for themselves, so check them out.

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