iMac Revived!? looks fine....and sounds fine....for now. looks fine....and sounds fine....for now.

My favorite appliance, my iMac, was in the Apple store in SOHO for a week supposedly getting better. Funny, they did not call to tell me that it was fixed, because they had it confused with another customer’s computer….blah. I visited them on Friday and asked how my baby was doing, and they said they couldn’t find it. I was told I needed my claim number for them to find it——wow, efficient….NOT.

They had my computer in the back the whole time, but I had to journey all the way back home for the number, and then go back to pick it up. Joy. When I got there, a genius turned it on to explain that the right speaker had been replaced. I played some songs and it sounded fine, but when I went to open my piano program when I got home, the weird noise was still there. Did Apple, in fact, replace my right speaker?

The saga continues, but for now I can hear what is going on and continue to play video games, do homework, watch movies, and everything else on my favorite appliance, my iMac.

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