Weekly Strangers Superpost: Diana Sees It All & Daniel the Werewolf


Class last week in Strangers was quite amusing. We played a game called Werewolf after Mike and I lectured about con artists. According to Kio, there is a version of the game called Mafia that is very similar. The game is as follows:

*A person is designated as a ringleader of sorts to orchestrate the game, they are the ‘banker’ of this game in effect.

*Players are each given a piece of paper, marking them as a villager, werewolf, seer, or healer. Werewolves eat villagers at night, seers can guess the identity of the werewolves at night, and healers can attempt to heal someone the werewolves have chosen to maul.

*When it is “night” and all players have their eyes closed, the werewolves are asked by the ring leader to agree on a victim. They then close their eyes. The seer is then allowed to briefly open their eyes and guess about possible werewolves. The seer closes their eyes. Finally, the healer can heal a victim if they guess correctly (or themselves). Then sun then rises and everyone oens their eyes.

*The villagers then awaken, and bicker amongst themselves about who the werewolves are. They then select a villager to sacrifice.

*The sun sets, and a new round of killing begins. Repeat until there are no werewolves, or less villagers than werewolves.


Within the context of our class, this game was really intense. Kio brought in a few friends of hers to play along: Sam, Naveen, Bre, and Genya. All of them were really cool, and they added some mystery to the game, since we didn’t know them. I guess I have a lame poker face, since I was sacrificed halfway through the first game, and within 2 rounds in the second game we played. Both times I was an innocent villager. I suppose I am feared or suspicious. Liesje was taken out very quickly in the first round for almost no reason, and the same with Catherine, so there must be jealous werewolves in class.

At any rate, in the first round, Diana proved to have psychic abilities, and somehow knew who the werewolves were, but had trouble convincing the villagers. Daniel was a very sneaky werewolf, and he totally played the part. While ‘in’ the game, I did not pay too much attention to him, but once I sat out and saw he was the werewolf at night, I noticed some of his mannerisms should have tipped off the villagers off sooner. The gestures and facial expressions he makes are hilarious. Check him out:

He was classic. The rest of the videos can be seen HEREHERE, and HERE.

In the second round, I noticed something odd about Mike’s eyes. he almost couldn’t keep a straight face, and neither could I. He accused me of being a werewolf, and Nahana chimed in. So much for partners! Swerdloff sank in some scathing remarks, so I retaliated and said I would take him down posthumously. He was out the very next round. Ha. It was interesting to see the game from outside for almost the entire duration, because I could see who was who, and who was not. Some people had very tactical ploys, especially Meredith and Sara. They spread deceit from across the table and took down people one by one. It was hilarious. Mike was the seer, and he was mad that the villagers killed him. I would have been too, but what do I know? I was just an innocent villager.

Overall, the game was fun, because the strangers added some intrigue, and because people show their bad sides when their lives are at stake. Accusations fly, people’s feelings get hurt, and lives are lost. Sounds like a good game to me. I wanna play again with more people I don’t know at all. Check out the pics and see if you can make out who is who.

On another note: I went out with Madeline for drinks on Wednesday, and rustled up a stranger while I was in a drunken stupor. Said stranger stayed at my place later that night, and magically, they were even HOTTER the next morning, which is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what happens on TV. WHOAAAA!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Strangers Superpost: Diana Sees It All & Daniel the Werewolf

  1. bre says:

    Your photos are great! I like how you modified them!

  2. Diana says:

    hahahaha thats awesome!

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