SDPS Design Roadmap: Damn this Economy


For service design this week, we were divided up into groups that had a particular part to play in the design of a service catered towards people who are recently laid off. My portion of the project is to create a roadmap of sorts for our team of designers that keeps the concerns, needs, and goals of the clients in mind throughout their experience. I designed a diagram that illustrates a gradation of our interactions with clients and their progress. I designed it around a stoplight, where red indicates the end of their previous job, yellow the interim period where we provide direction, and green, where they are directed to services that will aid them in getting back on their feet. Feedback from them is critical, so designers are asked to create easy to use forums for feedback. I want the service overall to be simple to use, multilingual, and to foster calm in a time of great stress for or clients. Here is my slideshow. Wish me luck.

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