Design for UNICEF Presentation


Today was the culmination of a very long process in Design for UNICEF. I took the train to Grand Central and walked up to 44th, and then walked to the UNICEF building, where a set of guards looked me up and down. One said, “Oh, you must be with them. To the right please.” Maybe it was my freshly shined shoes or crisp shirt, lol. Either way, there was a handful of UN employees there to watch us present ideas from the four groups we formed in class. I was a bit nervous, but I managed to spill it all out in a cohesive manner. My teammates all did a fantastic job. We sat together the night before and prepared these slides. It all came together beautifully, so I am happy it went so smoothly. Chris Fabian, Clay, and the rest of our spectators enjoyed what we had to say, and apparently, someone from Ban Ki Moon’s camp sat in on our talk and was thrilled. Woo!

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