Design for UNICEF Finale: Registory Mania


I pried myself out of bed early on Friday to do one final presentation for Clay’s Design for UNICEF class. He moved the class to that time to allow for more students and people outside the department to come in and watch. I was really happy, because all our friends from UNICEF came, including Chris, Erica, and Seth. Red and Eric Rosenthal Sat in as well, so I was slightly nervous. Both of them are amazing, so I was happy they were even in the room. It all came together very well. We got to see the progress on the Magic Water Box (The Canary), the amazing Textonic program, and the Nexus project. I was blown away by everyone’s work, and I could tell Clay was very proud of us all. I look forward to seeing what comes from the class in the fall when Clay teaches it again. It really was a great experience, even if I cursed actually having to get up at a normal person time to go to class every Thursday for it. My group shifted back to implementing a physical calling system to use in conjunction with an existing birth assistant program in Africa. I kind of liked not using something physical, because of all the hurdles involved, but that is just me. Here are some pics and the final slide show that my group put together.

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