ITP Retrospective: A Year in Review


I came to New York last August to start school here at ITP. I have learned a lot of things, even though some of them are quite random. I have made some fantastic friends, who like me, are quite random. I have learned from the best of the best, and I have enjoyed my first year of ITP thoroughly. I now know what an Arduino is and how to program it, I know how to make interesting QR toys, I can edit in Final Cut, I can write programs in Processing, PHP and a few other languages, I can animate in After Effects, I can play with sound in Audacity, and all kinds of other cool things thanks to my time here at ITP. Now I’m not sure exactly how all those random skills will come into play when I enter the working world, but now I feel like I have a foundation for the production of “things” as opposed to “ideas” like I came up with in undergrad. Its really quite exciting to make LEDs blink, execute a running program, and show off a fantastic animation now that I think of it. I do not profess to be a master of any of the above, but I do have a basic understanding of each. Eric Rosenthal helped me improve my photography dramatically, and I can’t thank him enough. Shawn Van Every was patient with my slow self whenever it came to programming, and Marianne taught me all about programs I love, such as After Effects. Kio and Rachel assigned the best readings, and Clay made us think way outside the box. Dano introduced me to the magic of circuits in my first semester, and though I am intimidated by pcomp, I want to learn more and make something fantastic for my thesis project. Madeline helped keep me sane and productive all year, and we rocked people’s socks with Emeri as Team Awesome.

I never went to a drive by or a TNO, but I think I might in the fall. When I go out to drink, its usually to get away from all things school, but maybe I’ll give it a try. It was great second semester having classes with second years. They were constantly frazzed about thesis, but some of them produced the most jaw dropping work. Check out the awesome clock, dazzle wall, and light type writer during the show (those aren’t the right names, but rather what I call them). Their creators deserve so much praise! Speaking of the show, I will be presenting the slideshow for my Digital Imaging: Reset class. I am really excited about that, because I can talk forever about the art of photography, but it will be fun to think and talk about the technical aspects that Eric taught us. I want to have something magic to submit to the winter show and spring show next year.

Overall, my money and time has been well spent at ITP and I look forward to the coming year. I am going to be taking a sound design class this summer, and doing an internship with Sylvia Heisel at her studio. I want a real jobby, so I scheduled all my classes in the evening in the fall to assist with that. Not sure where I want to work, but I would like to be a cog in the wheel of a giant acronym such as IBM, ABC, or CNN for a while. I think it would be fun, and I would feel important and do a great job. As long as I have a cool job title, badge, and modest salary I’m good for the time being. I plan on applying for PhD programs for Communications this fall, so wish me luck. Its fun to smell my masters on the horizon when I am only 21, but I am looking far ahead to the bright future. In the Fall I will be taking Designing the Future of Television, Understanding Networks, Frame by Frame, and Mediated Intimacy. It is going to be a great year, because the only thing I will have to take next Spring is Thesis!

UPDATE!!!! The Awesome Qube Quest that Maddy and I made is now officially in the Spring Show!

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