Mobile Me(dia) Final: Tims and the Tale of Awesome Qube Quest

Maddy and I teamed up again in Mobile Me(dia) to create something magic for our final. Naturally, Team Awesome shocked and awed the masses. We created a box from Plexi, and bonded QR codes to it that linked to pieces of a video puzzle that we recorded. Tims was our actor for the video clips and he was FANTASTIC. He really got into the dark character that we created for the puzzle. The class really loved the show he put on, and had fun trying to solve the riddles. Some questions in the riddles were, “Kurasawa’s Samurai are how many?” and “How many feet in a fathom?” They were kind of cryptic, but the goal is to have people scan the QR on their phones, look up what they don’t know, and guess the combination to the lock on the box. You can change the QR codes easily and give the Awesome Qube away as a gift that someone really has to work for the enjoy. Its the perfect size for putting in small gifts, but the best part is the puzzle itself.  Check out our prototype pics and slide presentation. There is a smaple QR from the Qube that you can try and scan if you have a reader on your phone, and here are the links to the othervideos on the Qube:

Play along if you dare!

UPDATE!!! Awesome Qube Quest has made it into the ITP Spring Show!

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One thought on “Mobile Me(dia) Final: Tims and the Tale of Awesome Qube Quest

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is made of WIN. Tims needs to be in more projects.

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