New Job/New Idea!

matrixcodeashxThis is a link to! The future of fashion!

I started work this week at Sylvia Heisel Postmodern Productions this week. Sylvia is a fantastic women’s fashion designer, and a lot of her ideas are very forward thinking. Her designs are eco friendly, some are made of organics, and she makes clothes that can actually be worn on and off the runway. I am working hard here taking photos of her products, helping with her website and blog, and doing some creative marketing. Today, something struck me though!

Fashion and design icons Louis Vuitton and Murakami gave me a really cool idea. They worked together on a cutesy set of QR codes that supposedly work. I tried them myself and did not have much luck. Maybe its because I don’t have a magic iPhone or Nokia. At any rate, I figured if I used the regular old QR codes, instead of theirs that are littered with pandas and pink sparkles, that QR codes could be put on tags on Sylvia’s pieces and that they could link to additional product shots, pages, or short video clips of models strutting in her clothes. Awesome huh? Better get on it quick before some other designer does this. I think I can pull it off quickly, and very well. Here, just try going to her site by scanning the QR above this post and check her out! You can try to get LV and Murakami’s panda QR to work too if you want.


I can’t tell if its the dazzle or the panda that makes it not work.


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