Spring Show Recap: Late but Luscious


So yes, the Spring Show at ITP was over days ago, but it deserves a quick retrospective in photos. Getting everything ready for the show is only half as mind numbing as the chaos that is the show in action. It really turns into a techno-geekery mad house. Despite said chaos, the show is a really fun time to show people what you have been doing, and what ITP is famous for: innovation through design. TONS of people showed up, and I had prime real estate for Qube Quest and the Digital Imaging: Reset slide show. It made me kind of nervous to be one of the first things people saw at first, but I got the hang of explaining the dazzle of the Qube and the fantastic imagery from class very quickly.

Bob Greenberg showed up on the second day, and my boss, Sylvia Heisel and her husband Scott came to support me and look around the show too. I left my post for an hour to give them a grand tour of the best things in the show, and the most creative. I never really realized how amazing the things people made at ITP were until I saw how surprised and excited my bosses were about the things they saw and played with at the show. ITP can be a sort of vacuum tube at times, so having people from the outside come in and marvel at things means we are on the right track. We need to pump up the design AND the dazzle for the next show.

I was sad that my partner, Maddy couldn’t be there to present the Qube with me, but I had a good time showing off both versions of it to people. It made my day when someone pulled out their blackberry and used Bee Tagg to read a video on the Qube. WIN! Tims’ performance definitely made that whole project fantastic.

My favorite things in the show were the Awesome Clock, Tube Type, the Dazzle Wall, and the String Visualizer. Those are my unofficial names for them, but you’ll know what I mean when you check out the pics. Michelle’s Mother Earth Boots, and the Bestiary Book were also mega-faves of mine. Naturally, Elizabeth owned the quiet room with her Moire Dress display, and it was oooohed and ahhhhed to no end. The Smell Ring and Mud interface were show stoppers. The sounds in the jars were pretty awesome too. The showcase “Fish was this big” visualizer was definitely fun to watch people play with. One girl even gave me a green bell pepper plant from her project! Its growing in the window of my new apartment. Woo!

Anyways, marvel at the pictures below, and absorb the future that is coming from the Haus of ITP.

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One thought on “Spring Show Recap: Late but Luscious

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Fantastic! Your pictures breath life back into the show!

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