Forget Pandora, Check This Out!

Sweet, sweet music to my FACE!

Sweet, sweet music to my FACE!

Up until today, my boss and I had a steady stream of music from Pandora in the studio. Its simple, but kind of finicky, and the playlists get a bit repetitive. We try and get creative and make our own playlists sometimes, but that hurts the brain.

Today, however, I came upon an article about a program called SweetFM and it is flippin ridiculous and awesome. You can download it here, and all you have to do is login with your account and get to listening.

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you the best part. You can tell the program to record the songs that you listen to, and spit them right into iTunes! Huzzah! It’s even smart enough to not copy the songs that you already have. Bonus!

To top it off, it doesn’t look half bad, and downloads the album art when you need it. Not that has the best catalog, but you can’t argue with free music that is ridiculously easy to acquire. Whether or not this program will be available forever, since it is on the fence of legality, remains to be seen, so have at it now while it lasts!

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