Style + Sand + Sunshine


This afternoon, I met Sylvia at Sugar Sweet Sunshine and ate the LAST two pistachio cupcakes. Then we ventured out into the lower east side to look for people flaunting fiercely. That was kind of a dud, because the only things flaunting were people’s dogs. Some were really cute. We did manage to see some really cool clothes once we made it to Soho. There was this awesome Japanese store….expensive, but awesome.

After fun with Sylvia, I went to Governor’s Island with Jhaye, and we had a great time. I got to take lots of photos, and it was fun because I hadn’t been there before. I am always up for a ferry ride. Governor’s Island has lots of cool history apparently, but since we had limited time, we grabbed a bite to eat on the water taxi beach, and watched people get drunk and dance.


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