Parade Photos: Dominican Edition



Last week was full of lots of exciting things. I soaked up lots of sun, ate great food, and of course, had my fill of drinks. Sangria Sunday was an absolute blast! I woke up, got ready to meet Madeline and Elizabeth, and we had a fantastic time back at Calle Ocho together again. They always treat us special there.

After brunch, I met up with Sylvia at Columbus Circle to take pictures of people flaunting fiercely. The original plan was to go to the Bronx for a dance show, but because of the impending rain, we canned that idea and stayed in town for the Dominican Day Parade. BEST CHOICE I MADE ALL WEEK. Just Sayin!

I didn’t get much of a chance to go to the Puerto Rican Day Parade, so I figured this would be a good photographic opportunity to redeem myself. You could hear the festivities from just about anywhere in midtown, so by the time we made it to Sixth Ave, we saw the beautiful chaos.

I wish I had one particular culture to champion like they did, and I envy them for that. The Dominicans definitely gave everyone in the city a run for their money in terms of being proud of their roots. From the clothes (or lack of) to their music, the Dominicans made a great show that was a beautiful way to end the week.

Just take a look. Maybe more than one. Trust me.

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