Foodventures: A Change for Brunch!


Usually, me and the gang have a reservation waiting for us at Calle Ocho on Sundays for brunch (promptly at 1:30, mind you!). Our main reason for going there religiously is free, unlimited quantities of sangria. Theres about 8 kinds there, both red and white, and the food is cheap and yummy. Since we are there all the time, we are doted on like the awesome people we are. Last weekend, however, I forgot to make our res in a timely manner, causing me to panic!

Elizabeth suggested we do brunch in the Lower East Side instead. We had been to Spitzer’s on Essex before, and it was ok, but it wasn’t fantastic. The French toast there was pretty tasty, but that was it. At any rate, we deliberated on a few places in the LES, and decided to try and gamble for a table at Essex. We had been saying we were gonna go there for FOREVER, so we set out to do it.

We made it there at a ripe hour and only had to wait a little while to get in and get seated (suprise!). The atmosphere of the place reeks of trendy hipsters in their late 20’s so as a youngster I felt slightly out of place. The table we got was pretty centrally located, so I couldn’t figure why our service was so crappy, but old girl did redeem herself by keeping the mimosas coming. She should have just LOOKED at me though and KNEW I wanted rolls with LOTS of BUTTER as soon as we sat down though, lol.

The food was kind of overpriced, as ALL brunch items started at about $18 no matter if you had a simple omelette or chicken fried steak (drinks were included but still!). I ended up with chorizo, eggs, and tortillas. Womp. Mussels and biscuits just don’t scream brunch to me, but hey, thats THEIR menu. My food was pretty good, but I could have gone for a few more tortillas since they piled on the eggs and potatoes. My chorizo must have been hiding since there wasn’t much on the plate.

All in all, the brunch gang was pleased and we now have a Plan Beta in case we can’t get a table at our beloved Calle Ocho.

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