Timeshifting Gadget PRON + Sense-able TVs!

This setup is why I can hardly get out of bed. Bless Apple, Sony, and Elgato.

This setup is why I can hardly get out of bed. Bless Apple, Sony, and Elgato.

I am not one to be tied down, so the mere thought that I MUST be in a certain place, at a certain time to consume a particular TV show, doesn’t really strike me as real entertainment, especially when at the same time, you must consume ads along with them. Enter my modus operandi: when I heard the date for the VMAs, I set my EyeTV to record it in advance, so I could watch it a few days later (I’m saux busy!). By that time, I already knew Kanye was a fool, Lady Gaga bled all over, and that Beyonce won just a fraction of the awards she was nominated for, (also that Janet fell and had the BEST performance) all without turning on any kind of Live TV. Later, the recording can then be parsed for commercials at will, burnt to a disc, or if I felt festive, streamed from my computer to my phone. THAT is entertainment in the palm of your hands.

I think TV’s should be much more eco-friendly than they currently are, and that they should pay attention to when you are actually sitting there to save energy. I think a few sensors, a la ITP, could go a long way in ensuring behemoth TVs just sip on power. For instance, you walk in your apartment after a long day at work + school, then you flop on your couch, and a sensor turns your TV on, voila! No need to fidget for the remote. You get up for a phone call from your boo a few minutes later, and suddenly you have to get things to cook for dinner. You forgot to turn the TV off on your way out, but not to fear, it knew you weren’t watching, and turned itself off. Energy saved!

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