Fashion Shoot! Crashed!


I was walking down Broadway on my way to school from 14th the other day, and I happened upon a fashion shoot in the making on the sidewalk outside a store. The models were quite stunning, so the first thing I did was start snapping away.

Whoever was SUPPOSED to be shooting outside had an odd setup. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, since there were assistants and stylists fluttering about. One got real nasty with me, because I attracted a crowd of onlookers who also took out their cameras. I reminded him they were on the sidewalk (fair game) and continued on my way.

This brings up a question though: who is a professional photographer these days? EVERY tourist has a fancy DSLR, and maybe a couple lenses. Sure the photographer for this shoot had people there to style and light, but they could have been friends. I think about this a lot, because in the age of 0’s and 1’s, just about anyone can take a great picture. There is discipline involved in photography, but I feel that if you have the patience to learn the skills, anyone can be a photographer. It is no longer the secret art of Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, and the daguerreotype.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Shoot! Crashed!

  1. Lee-Sean says:

    I agree, the street is fair game. I was taking pictures at a protest on Wall Street last year and a security guard in front of a bank told me to stop, but the crowd of protesters and photogs backed me up. It’s our right.

    • Yesssss protestors! Security guards and cops here are particularly nasty with photographers when they are having to do crowd control here, because of the backlash they get from having their acts of brutality instantly put on YouTube. Last month, changes were proposed that would have taken a lot of rights away from photogs here in NYC, but they were not approved (JESUS!) Luckily, we can still snap away as we please on the street as long as we don’t use a tripod. Now underground, there are completely different laws since the MTA runs the show. Bleh!

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