Seaux Much to See in New Orleans


New Orleans was my home for a long time (by my standards anyways). I hardly have time to sit still here, but that place is special to me because no matter what happens there, the spirit of the city remains the same.

Sure Katrina messed up everything at one point, but people still live there, still go to school there, and grow old there. Sno Balls are still sold at Pandora’s. The Court of Two Sisters still has Sunday brunch. Very little has changed when you think about it.

This was my first time back in New Orleans in over a year, and I went to get the last of my things, and see the city before the year was over. I saw a lot of friends and family and the city was more beautiful and glowing than I had remembered. New Orleans has my heart forever.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the city that has seaux much to see.

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3 thoughts on “Seaux Much to See in New Orleans

  1. ghettoblackify says:

    nice pics

  2. lucien quintero says:

    love the photos. if u have any others of me can u please e-mail them to me on ur leisure time.


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