Material Madness: Mold Making/Face Breaking

Materials is pretty much my favorite class this semester, aside from Frame X Frame. I get to MAKE THINGS, which makes me happy. Peter does a great job of teaching us how to create physical things in our increasingly digital world, so there is something nostalgic and magic about the class.

This week, we learned all about mold making. Diana, Elizabeth, and Maddy were all hand models. They cast their hands in various molds, which was really fun to watch. I am excited to start on mine. I really wanna cast a starfish and put lights in it and make it AMAZING.

I earned my man-badge this week by creating my small, blue, box out of plexiglass. It wasn’t anything fancy, but hey, its BLUE! Caroline made a beautiful magazine holder, and Nicholas went all out with a neatly mitered orange octagonal box. WOW! I DEFINITELY must make this starfish to show off next week….

Check out the pics, and soak in the smells of plexi adhesive, plaster, and pride in our OBJECTS! There is just something just so fun about taking pictures in this class.

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