Parade Mojo: Peaceful Procession

_MG_9140 (2)

I was on my way to SoHo today to costume shop this afternoon, and on my way to the R train on Broadway, I came across ANOTHER parade. It wasn’t your average parade though. According to the nice cop that was nearby, it was a procession of a saint. It was really reverent and orderly, so I didn’t ask which saint. The purple robes and white ropes were cool. I want to know more about this.


I wandered through Times Square and snapped some cool B&W Photos too. My photo of the 48th street sign is one of my favorites….and it was kind of an accident. When I tried to take one that I composed myself, they just didn’t come out right. Ah, serendipity.

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One thought on “Parade Mojo: Peaceful Procession

  1. […] I lucked out on Sunday and bumped into a small parade that I had also chanced upon last year. I don’t really know much about it, but it was absolutely […]

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