Costumania: Halloween 2009!


I have been swamped the last couple weeks so posting was kind of hard to get to, but there are always photos to post. Sometimes though, I think they should just post themselves, but the bad thing about that is that they wouldn’t tell you all about what happened, even if they are worth 1,000 words.

Anywho, here are some pics of my friends and I from Halloween. I was Sexy Satan, Chris was Zomboy, and Jaybird was looking kind of like the Crow. I swear they were the only two people in all of New York that night to actually wear scary things, which is the goal anywhere else in the country that night. Oh well, if us New Yorkers wanna be over the top, we sure know how to do it! My full costume wasn’t exactly NSFW, but lets just say that you had to be there *wink wink*

What did you dress up as?

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One thought on “Costumania: Halloween 2009!

  1. maplesyrup10 says:

    haha, I like your costume

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