Foodventures: Brunch @ BIA


This past Sunday, the brunch gang and I met at BIA in the LES. I wasn’t exactly sure what to think of the place because it is known for its beer menagerie. I don’t drink beer, don’t like the smell of it, but since my friends were going and there was the promise of good food, I went.

When you walk in the door, after going down the steps, you are met with a jarring foyer of sorts: there is a counter, and a window next to a door that appears to be leading into the kitchen. A guy inside there told me to enter that door, and I was unsure, but I found out that the door leads down a hallway next to the kitchen and to a large, sunny room with tables and seats.

Catherine, Lee-Sean, Maddy, and I missed Fabulizabeth, but she was working on a project. We ate heartily in her honor. LS had nice pancakes, Maddy and Catherine had fancy eggs, and I had an awesome omelette. I forgot to take pics, because I was so hungry, but here are photos from our walk around afterwards. My omelette was great! The sausage was good, and it was all pretty cheap. We walked around afterwards before we had a meeting: There was a sad bagel on the ground outside, we passed Economy Candy, and saw a really pretty Firebird!

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