Shoptastic Boxtravaganza + Helping Hands!


In my Materials class we constructed boxed from metal and cast molds of our hands. These were probably the two most fun projects in a while. Even though I am not the most skilled, I still manage to make things that come out looking great and that are sturdy. Sorry these photos were taken on my phone. I have more to come soon that I took with my good Cammy!

I made a brass box that resembles a Chinese takeout box that you’d get from around your corner. What is special about my box is that I folded the metal by hands, kind of like origami, after I cut out my pattern, and that I only used two rivets to bind the whole thing together. AWESOME!

My cast of my hand turned out pretty cool, and everyone marveled at how girly my hand was. Hey, I can’t help it if I have nice nail beds and dainty, piano-playing fingers! Don’t hate!


Check Elizabeth’s flat box, and Nicholas’ small boxes made out of brass! We make things in style.



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