TN-OH-MY! Mehanata Madness!


Though I am a second year ITP student, I’ve only been to two TNO’s. Still have yet to go to a drive by. This week, I felt particularly festive, and went to TNO with the gang at Mehanata in the LES (otherwise known as the Bulgarian Bar). The doormen appeared to not know who we were, but after Catherine gave them a talking to, they realized that we were in fact real live ITP students in need of a good time.

Inside, we found a wonderful little world. There was a stage getting set up for a band, a snazzy bar, and a sign pointing downstairs to the ICE CAVE. The Ice Cave was basically their beautifully lit lower level that was complete with another stage with a cool band, a full bar, and LOTS of pretty lights. There was a great turnout, and lots of the students came along. I never really had any super fratty parties to go to in the South, and certainly nothing with beer involved, but I imagine that TNOs purpose is for students to de-stress and relive their college days. I think?

At any rate, I managed to take some blurry, pretty photos of the lights and my friends having fun. I think I shall dub one of them, “The Official Wallpaper of Last Thursday.” I will set it up for everyone to download and experience the beautiful lights. Click here to get it! Maybe I’ll go again next week. Yayyyy!

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3 thoughts on “TN-OH-MY! Mehanata Madness!

  1. Lee-Sean says:

    Thanks for the HEPNOVA brand placement!

  2. […] Continuing on with my catching up on my blog, here are photos from the very first DriveBy that I went to at school. In case you don’t know what a DriveBy is, it is a small class taught by a student at ITP each week that features a topic of their choice. It could be anything from cooking, to coding, to biking, and back again. It is always taught just before the usual drunken TNO festivities, that you may have seen before. […]

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