Foodventures: Schnippers for Lunch!


Today it was raining, and I got hungry around 2, so I walked out for a bite to eat. Usually, I am a huge fan of the super cheap eats of Subway and the Chicken Bar close by, but today I wandered off to Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen at the base of the New York Times Tower on 40th and 8th.

I had passed by it before several times on my way home, but today I decided to give it a try. Supreme happiness ensued! The red and white interior was expansive, and my eyes were drawn to the fish and chips on the menu. I couldn’t remember the last time I had them. Probably back home. I missed that for an instant, so I ordered the fish and chips, and got some fresh brewed Southern sweet tea! Breathe with me here for a moment….SOUTHERN SWEET TEA.

schnippers buzz

I was given this odd device that was supposed to signal when my food was ready. It was an odd shape, so I wasn’t sure just how it would do that, but after a few minutes, it buzzed frantically on my table. It sounded kind of like a duck, so I was instantly amused! I like cheap thrills (but in this case it was expensive, at $13).

The sweet tea was PERFECT, almost as delightful as the sweet tea at Raisin Cane’s in New Orleans, and it was a perfect compliment to my fish and chips. Whoda thunk it!? West Coast meets Gulf Coast! I was in heaven.

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