Miriam and the Magic of Yoga @ Greenwood


My newest friend at ITP, Miriam Simun, asked me to take photos for a project she is working on, and the results are incredibly beautiful. She is reinventing the public space that is cemeteries with the magic and serenity of yoga. She reasons that people hardly appreciate cemeteries for their full worth: places of beauty, peace, and life. She explained that cemeteries are ecological hotspots in many cities because they are seldom trafficked by the living, there are often lots of trees, and sometimes there are lakes and ponds for them to coexist in and around. There is so much life going on in cemeteries she says, that it is a waste to think that they are places for just the dead. The living can go there to appreciate life, nature, and the sublime spirit of things through the practice of yoga.


She demonstrated a sequence of poses in and around the cemetery today, and there were birds chirping, fountains gurgling, and squirrels running around. We hung out with a bunch of geese and they seemed interested in her posing beside graves. They never ran off from us, but they did keep a safe distance. We really liked having them around because they were so quiet and fun to watch while they looked for bugs and roots to eat. She has a specially made hat with an Xacti camera on it to record the sights and sounds of the cemetery and the classes she wants to teach there.


The symbolism of cemeteries and graves is beautiful to begin with, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather today—-in November, no less. Enjoy the photos and come enjoy the magic of yoga with Miriam in one of the most beautiful places in all of New York.

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2 thoughts on “Miriam and the Magic of Yoga @ Greenwood

  1. Dave Douglass says:

    For the record, cemeteries are not “public” spaces. They are private property and permission would typically be required before one could do yoga. I guess their securit was not too sharp that day.

    • Yes, in most cases, cemeteries are private property, however some are not. I suppose I should have used the term open space instead. This particular cemetery actually had lots of security around, but they let us enjoy and take in the space. She will definitely need to talk to them before she brings students there though. It should be lots of fun!

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