My most anticipated album of the year was released last week! Lady Gaga keeps everyone in the game on their toes with new tracks to shock and awe the masses. Her short video stint with Beyonce was more political than anything ( in my opinion ), because neither Diva wants to step on the other’s toes. That video was kind of a mess, because Beyonce’s style was all off, and Gaga wore the most boring outfit Tina Knowles could dream up. Bleh!

Back to the hottness though, get into Gaga’s song “Telephone,” that features Beyonce. Trust me it beats the pants off of video phone, and will be a cute song to dance to in the clubs. Some here are playing it already. “Bad Romance” has the sickest fashion in a long time in it’s music video and it is taking over the charts. Keep an eye out for videos for “Alejandro” and “Speechless.” I have a feeling that those will both be HUGE singles, and Gaga really blows her pipes in speechless. She performed it live at the AMA’s and KILLED IT.

Make sure you check out all her new music and give the girl her coins for her music. She actually wrote it, and actually sings it! There’s just a handful of true artists like her nowadays, and she deserves all the praise and fame she gets.

Now if I could just snag tickets to her concert with Kid Cudi……

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