A Week Ago Today I Ate It ALL

Directly to my FACE!

A week ago, I went over to my friend Trell’s place for Thanksgiving. He COOKED HIS ASS OFF for me and a dozen friends. All I had to bring was dessert, so I made four pies: 2 chocolate pecan pies, and 2 pecan pies. Those were a lot of fun to make, and I have a super seeeecret recipe to make them just perfect:

Combine 2 eggs, couple pinches of salt, 1/4 sugar, 2 lumps of flour, a dash of cinnamon.

Dump a bunch of pecans into your pie crust, probably 1/2 cup.

Dump your mixture on top of your pecans

Put your pie into your pre-heated oven that is set to 350 degrees. Let your pie bake in there for about 50 minutes.

Proceed with stuffing your face with warm, delicious pecan pie. BONUS STEP: Use a chocolate pie crust and drizzle chocolate sauce on top of the pie after baking for AWESOMELY GOOD CHOCOLATE PECAN PIE.

This year, I was thankful that I had so many great people to be around and celebrate with, because last year I was new here and didn’t have much of anyone around. Life is good so I am happy.

Trell took our photo!

Later in the weekend, I went to my friend Maurice’s 20th birthday party. It was pretty fun, but options are weird when you aren’t quite legal. After some haranguing, we got him a party at Taj II in the Flatiron District. Fun times with Chris there taking photos of people dancing around.

Obligatory low light photo of girl dancing in nightclub.

On Sunday, the Brunch Crew convened at Calle Ocho for the first time in a long time. We inducted Fritz to the club and stuffed our faces full of foods and sangria. That was the perfect way to end one week and start another.

Seductive Sangriaaaaaaaa

This concludes my photo catch up. New NEW material posting will commence tomorrow.

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One thought on “A Week Ago Today I Ate It ALL

  1. Sabrina says:

    I love you J! I miss you soooo much!

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