BIG Eye Candy on the Big Screen @ IAC

My god! Its full of STARS!!!!

Last Friday was the Big Screens show for Winter 2009. It was hosted at the IAC in the meatpacking district and several ITP students worked in teams and on their own to produce some of the most amazing imagery I have ever seen. Truly mindblargling. The canvas that they were able to use was the 120 foot long screen at IAC that spans the entire length of their lobby. The sheer scale of the screen gave the students the chance to tell stories on a level that few ever get to realize, and since hundreds of people attended the event, their messages were seen, heard, and felt by many people. I got a sneak peek of the pieces a couple days early at their rehearsal, and it was even more moving then to see them, since there weren’t so many people around. It was special. The class, Big Screens, is taught by Daniel Schiffman, codemaster extraordinaire, and he couldn’t have been more proud of the impact his class had on the local art scene that night. Surely, the pieces that were shown could tantalize and entertain in other venues, so I look forward to the artists and creators getting plenty of press and replay of their material elsewhere. However, I can’t think of a better, bigger screen that they could have made their big debut on. Congratulations to the entire class! I am definitely looking forward to coming back each year to see just how much larger the imaginations represented on the screen grow over time. Please excuse any granularity in the pictures because of a use of high ISOs and a semifast shutter: I wanted to capture as much motion as I could without bouncing a flash on the reflective screens. And now, consume nothing but beautiful imagery with your eyes from some of ITPs most talented artists!

Project 21 by Anthony Ptak

Moonflight by Jayoung Chung

Big Screams by Elie Zananiri

Momentary by Eyal Ohana & Elizabeth Fuller

Rain by Lina Maria Giraldo

Cover It Green by Sue G. Syn

Dancing, Moment by SooJung Huh

Climb Up! by Asli Sevinc

The Drop by Michelle Mayer & Nicholas Rubin

Women in Love by Sara Bremen

Machinema by Adi Marom & Filippo Vanucci

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7 thoughts on “BIG Eye Candy on the Big Screen @ IAC

  1. Lina says:

    You rock thank you so much

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by geminijono and LMGT, yuval sheer. yuval sheer said: RT @shiffman #bigscreens photos by Jonathan Ystad: live stream footage from Diego Rioja: […]

  3. Adi says:


    hey happy Jonathan :)))

    These photos are great ! extraordinaire!!

    thanks for documenting this happy moment!


  4. Wow that looks so cool.. I shoot green sceen photos. Are there events like that in Orlando Florida?

    Benny Sibbitt
    Green Screen Photos

  5. Wow that looks so cool.. I shoot green sceen photos. Are there events like that in Orlando Florida?

    Benny Sibbitt
    Green Screen Photos

    • Thanks! It was lots of fun to shoot there. I am haven’t been to Florida yet to check out their art scene, but the IAC is huge, so they might host a similar event there. That would be something cool to look into because just the huge canvas is stunning.

  6. Anthony says:

    Amazing documentation and photography of the Big Screens 2009 event. Thank you Jonathan. Beautiful work and blog!

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