Wham Bam Animation: TaB 2020

Madeline and I stayed up for an entire age of Aquarius working on this fauxmotional video for one of our favorite products of all time, TaB. It is the drink for beautiful people, obviously, and it is meant to be drank with a straw (obviously).

If you look up some of their classic commercials, you are instantly shocked by how bizarre they are. From blatant cross product endorsements to big hair and scary music, TaB has been there and done that—-until now.

Madeline and I sent TaB into the far reaches of space aboard the SS Mindsticker, which sets into motion a fateful duel that ends with TaB aplenty for all the denizens of the sea!

Check it out here

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One thought on “Wham Bam Animation: TaB 2020

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