Better Late Than Never! Shopgasm!

Its not phallic at all. I don't know what you're talking about. Wait, maybe I see it....

I had these laying around on my computer from the last session of Materials, just before I left for home last week. Here are some of the best shots of  the final projects in Materials. My little Empire State building was molded expertly with the help of the lovely Madeline, and she made sure it blinked FOR DOOM! I was slightly cracked out at the time from animating the TaB commercial, so I didn’t get the software side of the building working all that well, but I want to keep at it into the next semester as a side project so I can get it into the show. Dunno why it fascinates me, but it does. Sylvia said it looks kind of like a crystal dildo, but you be the judge, lol. While you are at it, marvel at my classmate’s awesome projects!

Maddy and Emeri got most of their awesome chromasphere working, so we were all O-MAZED! Dmitris won the coveted best jig award, and Diana made the most awesome martians to combat Jill’s giant uppity guppies.

Lest you forget, Elizabeth made the most awesome dress made out of dragonskin panels with LEDs embedded within that act out the game of LIFE. She modeled the finished product for me, and she was ON FREAKING GIZMODO, so check her out! YAYAYAYAYA!

Congratulations to Elizabeth! Many grants and press to her!

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