Happy Christmas Everyone!

Rockefeller Center's tree looks brightly into 2010

I am at home with my family in Washington and we have been having a very merry Christmas. We are looking forward to a bright and beautiful 2010, and after all 2012 isn’t that far off. Better get to celebrating!

Things I liked most about 2009:

Making LOTS of new friends

Getting my own apartment

Having a fabulous job

Having my masters program almost finished (Heck Yes!)

Improving the things I am good at and learning many new tricks

Being sexier

Barack in the White House (awesome until most recently, but still cool!)

Hearing and seeing all kinds of things

Having a loving family

All these things meant more to me than anything that could come gift wrapped at this time of year.

What did you like most about 2009!?

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One thought on “Happy Christmas Everyone!

  1. Sabrina says:

    Things I liked most about 2009

    1. keeping up with you by reading your blog…lol
    2. my freedom from a bad marriage
    3. opportunity to enjoy life as a single woman with means
    4. meeting new people
    5. reestablishing my social life
    6. laughing at my mom and her funny outlook on life and people

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