Brave Boy in the Snow

I made new friends at the last few moments of 20o9 and they asked me to go snowboarding with them in the Poconos in Pennsylvania at Camelback. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Jonathan!? Snowboarding!? REALLY!?” I know, I know. I felt festive and brave and went along for the ride. I had to get all kinds of cold weather clothes, and surprisingly, North Face makes the WEAKEST gloves around. Just don’t buy them. Anyways, I learned the ropes from one of the guys and I went up and down the bunny hill for a while and managed to bring my spills, crashes, and falls down to just about once per descent. Sweet! I felt really brave at one point and went down a much larger hill, and it only took two falls to make it to the bottom. I felt just a little too free at one point and I was scared I wouldn’t stop. Weird feeling, but it relates to all kinds of things when you think about it. Are you afraid to fly ever? Scary, huh? Check out the pics. Naturally, I didn’t trust myself with my camera knowing how much I’d fall, so I passed it around every chance I could get, lol.

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