@ The ITP Antenna Workshop Finale

I pretty much have tried to ignore all formal email boxes while I have been on break, to make sure there is maximum relaxation time, but I took a gander at a couple emails after feeling disconnected. I noticed that there was a workshop going on at school, but a few days late….oops! It sounded interesting, but I knew I wasn’t getting out of bed before 10AM for ANYONE this entire break.

Anywho, I went to school on Friday to drop off my backup external hard drive to my locker at school where it is secure (What!? You guys don’t use your lockers as safe deposit boxes!?). I saw a few people floating and scurrying around the floor, and I was happy to see familiar faces. The floor is really nice and calm when noteveroneandtheirmom is there. I saw Igal working on something cool, like he always does, and he told me that it was something special for the Antenna Workshop that was taught by two awesome people that gave their time over the break (names please!?). Igal invited me to come and see the culmination of the groups’ work over the break, and I agreed to go watch and take photos. I went to Chipotle and stuffed my face to pass an hour or so, and came back to see Jason, Michael, and their  group working away on their awesome eco-bicycle design for Astor Place. When it was go time at 4, we all filed into the room and sat down and I got a chance to see some of the coolest ideas for re-imagining public and private spaces.

There was a group that turned the traffic island in Astor Place into a people powered bicycle recharge station for electronics. One group imagined having cool wallflower displays in and out of the Tisch elevators that encouraged us to learn more about each other. Another group installed cool tables in Astor Place for people and animals to rest and eat. One really good idea was to install lights in and around payphones that made the often unused places more fun and interesting…and begging for dance videos. One of my favorite ideas presented was relaxation centers on each floor of the library that sprayed users with mist and calmed them down. Yes mist, yes AWESOME!

Dano, Igoe, Schiffman, and the Residents served as the panel for the event, along with a cool guy from Verizon. I think I need to get better at writing down names at events I am invited to at the last minute.

Absorb the photos!

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7 thoughts on “@ The ITP Antenna Workshop Finale

  1. Michael Zick Doherty says:

    Thanks Jonathan!

  2. David says:

    Thank you so much for the photos and I’m super glad you liked our project!

  3. […] here is our project description, some photos and some links. Photos of our final presentations, by Jonathan Ystad. Our presentation by David Phillips. Project Description: Design an intervention […]

  4. […] Photos of the final presentation were taken by the incomparable Jonathan Ystad https://geminijono.wordpress.com/2010/01/16/antennaworkshop/ […]

  5. […] Photos of the final presentation were taken by the incomparable Jonathan Ystad […]

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