Foodventures: Out with the Girls!

Shuangface sips champagne

I went out to eat with Maddy, Elizabeth, and Shuangface a couple times this week. Naturally we are making our weekly brunch pilgrimage tomorrow and we are all psyched! Here are some silly photos from Cafetastia of my food and drinks and of Shuang and the decor at the Ace Hotel.

Steampunk lights!? Hell yes!

BTW Ace Hotel was pretty much awesome, but I felt supremely under dressed since I didn’t have on anything from the 20’s. I will have to look into that. The awesome light fixture on the ceiling MUST be replicated in an ITP project, and it must move, shimmer, and shine.

Happy Caipirinha! Or is that a Happy Capi!? How do you say that name anyways!?

Country style noodles and chicken from Cafetasia, my favorite!

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