Animals: My Spirit Squid


The Squid is my spirit animal. Whales are my nemeses.



For the first assignment in my Animals, People, and Those In Between, we were to illustrate our inner animal, spirit animal, or familiar using our medium of choice. My spirit animal is the Squid (Obviously!) Upon first glance, people and other animals often don’t know what to make of us. However, with our keen eyes, we’ve already seen them and sized them up from a distance. We are extremely intelligent and move through our daily routines faster than most. Since we are uncommonly agile, our prey hardly knows what hit them, and this is especially true in arguments. Whales are our most bitter enemy, and the only time our kind works together is to take them down. Whales are sluggish and noisy. We are thoughtful and only speak when absolutely necessary. We are highly competitive. Sometimes we like to be very flashy when its dark, but more often than not this is to attract prey. Luckily we have many arms with which to keep tabs on all that are enticed by our unnatural beauty. In transit, we are quite sleek, but we hardly travel in numbers–we aren’t social with many. We are forever connected to the sea, and are almost mythical. Animals and people tell tales about us sometimes, and we kind of like that. We have one last interesting property: we can squeeze into just about anything, and still look good. Well, much better than a whale anyways.

This particular picture that I drew of my spirit animal was inspired by a faux commercial I had animated with a friend where a constellations of a squid and whale battled over cans of TaB in outer space. I like to draw all kinds of crazy animals on paper when I am bored, but drawing squids is more fun than drawing other animals because their tentacles never come out exactly the same. Their shape is kind of odd too, and takes time to get the proportions right. At any rate, over Christmas I had gotten a fancy new Wacom tablet that I hadn’t had many times to use as of yet, so I busted it out and looked back on the previous design of my StarSquid and decided to improve it by re-drawing it on the tablet (as opposed to a mouse like I did originally–aneurism!) and giving it its real home under the sea and in color. I drew everything in illustrator and then painted in the colors in Photoshop. Colors were kind of picked arbitrarily, but it is rare that anyone has seen a live giant squid  so I made some creative decisions. I included our nemesis in the background for good fun. If I were to do it again or improve on it, I would try and actually paint it, because I want to have cool things to put on my walls here at home. I’d find some way to layer the paint so that it could be semi-3D (since thats all the rage these days).

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