Squidtastic Model Sheet

For this week’s assignment in Animals, People, and Those In Between, we were to elaborate on our spirit animal from last week and create model sheets. Here is the model sheet for my spirit squid. I like how he doesn’t have a mouth or nose to complicate emotions, but rather a large eye, an eyebrow of sorts, and his arms to express what he is feeling at any given moment. He is quite large, measuring in at 30 meters. Ideally, his density can change, as he can go from sea to space in an instant, so I didn’t list a particular weight. I gave him color last week, but I want him to be able to change the color of his head at will, like a real squid. I am working on magical properties for his ink. I illustrated him being joyous in the bottom left, and in transit on the bottom right. The other emotions at the top may or may not be obvious without his arms to articulate in conjunction with the eyes, but I tried hard to get across an emotion using just eye and eyebrow with each. I want to illustrate him battling the great white starwhal next.

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2 thoughts on “Squidtastic Model Sheet

  1. Marina says:

    you are hysterical.
    nice work.
    wanted to direct you to this if you do not know it

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