My New Best Friend: Canon 10-22mm lens!

I treated myself to a new toy/tool last week, and bought an ultra wide angle lens. It is specifically built for APS-C sensor cameras, so it won’t fit on a full frame camera, sadly, but it brings a whole new set of angles to my photography that I didn’t know were there. It is not the fastest lens, so without a tripod it is not suited for low light settings, but because it captures such a wide angle, so much more can fit into the frame. This adds a sense of grandeur and large scale to even the most mundane things, like subway cars, or empty streets. It is freezing outside right now, so I won’t do too much outdoor photography until it warms up a bit, so in the meantime, I will learn to use it for portraits and fashion shoots to spice everything up a bit.

Check out some of the shots I’ve taken so far outside and in the train! You’ll see much more from this lens soon!

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