Photogrammatically Correct

OMG Giant Nautilus Attack!!!!

My film photo class is turning out to be lots of fun. I like experimenting with the knowledge I have of digital cameras and manual exposure and applying it to film photography. This week we learned all about film development, which is kind of scary, but fun. My first rolls will be developed by my own hands tomorrow, so I am excited to see the results. I bought a film scanner to be able to digitize anything awesome from class, so I can’t wait until my film is developed. Terry, our professor was so caught up in the magic of film processing, that we didn’t go over our photograms and have a critique like we had planned. I was kind of upset, since I spent my whole evening on Wednesday making them. Apparently, we will turn them all in and discuss the results next week. I want some feedback on my more bizarre imagery, to see if it is something I could run with in future projects. I played around a lot with my nautilus shell, bubble wrap, and some small figurines that I have in my apartment, as well as old film I had laying around and zapped them under the enlarger in the darkroom to make these images. What do you guys think of them?


Cosmic Nautilus

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