Chilly New York Negatives Come to Life

I wasn’t feeling so hot earlier today because of the blizzard and everything from yesterday. For some reason I had decided that Blockheads was an acceptable form of dinner and ventured into the cold. Bad idea.

At any rate, I slowly recovered today and went to the photo and imaging department at school to develop my film that I’ve been shooting with on my Canon Elan 7. I asked the people in the “Cage” a million questions during the development process, but now I am pretty confident I can do it on my own with ease now. I masterfully wound my negatives on the metal reels in complete darkness and precisely timed each step and wash in the process. I felt quite nervous the whole time since I hadn’t done that since way back when at Xavier in our ghetto little dark room with Ms. Sills. Good times. I am really excited to finally show off my photograms tomorrow in class, and my perfect negatives that I spent so much time on.

The photos are supposed to display wide and shallow depth of field, as well as the stopping of motion and the blurring of motion. I pretty much just like shooting with a shallow depth of field so that you focus on exactly what I want you to see, but I will play more with the motion aspect.

I skipped making a contact sheet after developing my negatives and headed back home to scan all my film to see how things turned out. I was blown away by how nice some of them turned out, and I realized that I had been missing black and white film for some time. I’ll be in the darkroom this weekend making prints of my favorites. These photos typify winter in New York. Enjoy and put on your coat and gloves.

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