Snaux Day

Today I woke up and went over my Robert Mapplethorpe presentation that I had prepared for my photo class at 8AM. I went through my morning routine, and schlepped myself to the train for class. I got bored on the way there and started sifting through emails…to discover that I missed the memo that class was cancelled.

By the time I read that I was already at Union Square, so I got off and perused Barnes & Noble for a while. When I finished there, I took out my camera and started shooting. Maneuvering a camera while holding an umbrella to protect the lens from snaux is a difficult feat. I managed to get in a few cute shots, and then I moseyed my way over to Washington Square and snapped a few more. The fountain there seems to make the BEST playground area for kids in the snow. I wanted to hop in and play, but it got mighty windy, so I walked to West 4th and got back on the C train home.

Now I am in bed resting and staying warm, thinking of new ways to beat my score on Bayonetta.


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One thought on “Snaux Day

  1. Really there was so cold and after seeing photo I felt cold.

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