Go and See Tim Burton’s Exhibit @ MoMA! NOW!

All eyes on Tim Burton at MoMA

I went on a trip to MoMA the other day to see the new Tim Burton exhibit, and it was beyond fantastic! It was amazing to see someone start with a vision and style very early on in life, and nurture and develop it over time into something that we love to see on a regular basis.

His early drawings and movies were distinctly HIM, and you can see that his childhood in Burbank that bored him so much is the impetus for his wild imagination that has influenced so many other artists, illustrators, and filmmakers since his first big deal with Disney.

From Oyster Boy to The Nightmare Before Christmas to Batman and Beetlejuice, Tim Burton has been a significant dreamer in our time, and his work and vision are cultural treasures that are simply fun to look at and experience. If you aren’t familiar with his work, definitely come out from under your rock.

I can’t stress how much you should go and visit this show if you are in the city, because it feels so good to see that the silliest things you make as a child or young person have far reaching influences on the things you’ll create later on.

Make sure you go and see his new movie, Alice in Wonderland, on Friday and support Tim and the fantastic cast he assembled to bring the movie to life!

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One thought on “Go and See Tim Burton’s Exhibit @ MoMA! NOW!

  1. Thats so awesome!!! Would love to go see it!

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