Squidterm Midterm

The midterm for Animals, People, and Those in Between culminated in a showcase at Marina’s house in Brooklyn last Sunday. Treats were eaten. Drinks were drank, and awesome was had.

Everyone had fantastic projects to show off, and the things that we learned about their animals through their objective and subjective project analyses was incredible.

There was a song about lab rats, a giant kaleidoscope made of beeswax, a music video about holy sheep, and much more. Plus Marina has the most awesome cats!

For my project, I brought a lot of things to show many different facets of squid life, and cast them under different lenses to show subjectivity and objectivity through sensory experiences. I brought with me a video animation to show off some sights and sounds of solitary squid life, some squid salad and edamame for taste, a set of photos of a recently deceased squid for more sights, and a squid preserved in epoxy that students could touch. The squid in epoxy was quite ripe by the time that I got home, so I didn’t take any photos, but it is featured in the green and white photos that I have framed for you here. Absorb some of the sights and sounds from the event, as well as my squideo video!

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One thought on “Squidterm Midterm

  1. Antonius says:

    Janelle Monáe, woot!

    I was pretty exhausted by the end of the reviews and didn’t get to mention how much I liked your animation. That calamari in a baking dish was pretty ripe! You’ve got mad skills behind the lens. Agnes sends her ThaaAAaanks.


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