Apptastic: TrippingFest!


As you know, I am a true fan of the Subway system here, but like any New Yorker, I have to have something to keep my mind busy when en route somewhere. Sometimes I have a book, but most often I don’t since I hate carrying things around. Other times I just vegetate or bop out to music, but lately, I have a new “toy” to play with: TrippingFest.

Tripping fest is a $1 app I purchased from the App Store for my iPhone and it is probably the best app since the calculator or weather apps that came installed on the phone. There are hundreds of drawing apps out there, but none as great as Tripping Fest. Like its namesake, tripping fest is not for the meek, but for the festive.

The program is very simple: you draw using the multitouch screen on your phone and choose from various geometric shapes and color mixing patterns to create highly unusual and often trippy artwork on the go. It has many different drawing modes and patterns to choose from, and just as many methods for determining the ever changing colors you use. Best of all, its just fun to move your fingers around and play and see what happens, because actively moving the cursor while watching the colors change is well, trippy.

Here’s a couple examples of my own fingerpaint masterpieces. Oh, and as a caution, Shrooms are sold separately.

Gah, giggidy!

Shekar drew this one! Foopa!

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