Red Alert: Winter Begone! Hail the Spring!

Today is the official first day of Spring 2010, and lord is it beautiful. The sunshine woke me up this morning, and I set out to go to the Met to check out the newest photo exhibits. I walked to 42nd and then over to Grand Central to take the 6 train uptown, and it was so nice I didn’t wanna go underground at all, but luckily the trip was short.

When I got to the museum, there was signage all over for Bronzino and his drawings, and TONS of people soaking up sunlight on the front staircase. The smell of Spring was delightful. Inside the museum, I headed straight for the second floor with the photo galleries. There was an exhibit on collages, another on odd photo processes, and another dedicated to some form of photoshoppery. To be quite honest, the experience was a bit underwhelming, except the small Tisch gallery and its collection of interesting printmaking methods. One print was made by placing 20 snakes on talcum powder and having them writhe about, then exposing the sheet to light. WEIRD, but cool. Naturally, photos of photos wasn’t allowed, so I sauntered back to the Levant and Mesopotamian wing, then down to the Egyptian wing again before walking outside. Bronzino’s drawings were quite exceptional, so I would recommend checking them out.

I remembered that there is a view from the restaurant inside the Met of Cleopatra’s Needle, so I went to visit the giant obelisk and snap a few shots.

From there, I wandered down through Central Park, and wound up at the Time Warner Center (minus AOL) and did a little grocery shopping in Whole Foods. All in all, today was a day of glowing sun, and I am glad that Spring has finally arrived.

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2 thoughts on “Red Alert: Winter Begone! Hail the Spring!

  1. kseverny says:

    these are some great shots from very interesting angles

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