Cute Aspirations of Pat the Peahen vs. Monstrous Males

Pat doesn't isn't exactly ladylike.

This is Pat the peahen. She doesn’t believe that only male peacocks should be glorious, fabulous, and famous. When the males molt their ocelli (eye-like feathers), she collects some to attach to her derriere. Though she is much smaller in stature than a peacock, she is just as proud of her plumage as any full-fledged male.

Rear view of Pat. She puts on quite a show.

Some of her feathery female friends mock Pat for her efforts, while others think that she is a brave soul. To the dismay of the males, Pat is an excellent fighter, and because of her keen eye, she has accumulated all of the largest ocelli in the land. That means that not only do males envy her, the peahens want her attention. Scandalous.

This one is as virile as he is vicious.

Here is one such angry male. Notice that he has his tail feathers upright, as to show that he is competing for a mate. Pat never saw the fun in all of that since peacocks climax in just a few seconds. Quite monstrous indeed.

Innocent isn't she?

Keep your eyes peeled for the adventures of Pat the Peahen for my final in Animals, People, and Those In Between.

This one was a little busy, but still might get used later.

As a bonus, here is a prototype of Pat that I made. All the peacocks were drawn on black foam core in a variety of shiny inks. They have toy wiggle eyes for ocelli. Perhaps better photos will come soon after I get the hang of my new macro lens.

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