April Showers Brought Some Flowers

Today was a lovely day in the city. The sun woke me up, the leaf buds on the tree outside my window smiled at me, and some birds were singing on my fire escape. That was pretty much the reason I got my apartment.

After gathering myself, I wandered down the street and met up with Jaybird at 6th ave. My red shirt and plaid shorts got me lots of attention, and for once my skin was glowing—plus I had a fresh haircut courtesy of Tyson. I was pretty much a hot tamale.

The smell of the streets today was amazing because the cherry trees were in full bloom. I didn’t make it to Central Park today, but I’m planning on going tomorrow to take pictures of LIFE ITSELF and the beautiful cherry trees by the Jackie O reservoir.

I am soaking in as much sunshine as I can before I have to get serious about starting finishing my thesis project. I think I’ll do a post about my progress and plans for that tomorrow today. Perhaps.

If you didn’t get your daily dose of sunshine, then check out these deliciously springtastic photos.

Ohyeah! Absorb and enjoy the photos in this fancy new SLIDESHOW!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2 thoughts on “April Showers Brought Some Flowers

  1. Lee-Sean says:

    awesome! how did you do that slideshow thing?

    • I read the official wordpress blog yesterday and saw that they made a new option for that to use in place of the gallery when you post pics. I think the plugin for hosted blogs is coming soon!

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