A Grey Day in Manhattan Can Still Be Green

In my photo class today, we wandered around the photo galleries in Chelsea. Our first stop was Aperture, and I was supremely disappointed by what they had on show, but there was a nice 8X10 Clifford Ross wave photo that was $1000. Not as thrilling as his larger scale images of waves, but it gets the point across on a budget (?).

We flitted about to a half dozen other galleries, and only one of which had anything that inspired me. All of the modern artists seemed to be very concerned with doing something “new,” “avant-garde” or “experimental.” Most of them did not seem to care for technical mastery and it appears that anyone with a medium format camera can get their stuff on fancy white walls, whether or not the photo was technically sound or not. The stories they told tried very hard to be vague, moody, and overly thought out, so it was refreshing to see the works of some of the masters in one gallery at the end. As with architecture, those who can see the golden ratio in everything can create things that are universally appealing. Nature does it, so why can’t we?

Speaking of nature, here’s a few photos of greenery and scenery on the Highline and the Hell’s Kitchen garden that caught my eye.

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